Howard Pink on Patricia Martin’s “The Health Wealth & Happiness Show:12 &13”

What IS a Musical Garden Hose Show?

Howard Pink PLAYING the Garden Hose

A performance for all ages and grade levels:
Pre-K – 12 and Adults

Curriculum Connection:

  • Language Arts
  • Music
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Math

Description: Howard Pink’s program is built around the history and development of the French Horn.  The “informance” includes: Singing; Storytelling; and Musical Magic.

In addition to playing the French Horn, Howard astounds his audience by showing and playing a number of other fun and interesting instruments: A Conch Shell; A Cow’s Horn; A Ram’s Horn; A 3′ Kudu Horn; A 15′, Wooden Alphorn; Plastic Soda Straws; Twirling Tune Pipes; Hunting Horns of Old; and his famous, old, green, musical, Garden Hoses. The “informance” is fast-paced, entertaining and EDUCATIONAL. Your lips will be “buzzing” with excitement after viewing his performance.

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